Share table single column in Edit mode

As in my other threads, I’m trying to use Coda to organize my work with external consultants.

This time created a table where summarize requirements (later became tasks), notes and also the estimated effort

So far I’m able to invite a user to comment and that’s fine, but wanted to ask if it’s possible to have it edit directly only the Estimated effort column values

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If a user has edit access to a doc, they can change any column/ page in the doc.


My question was due as written I didn’t want to give him Edit mode rights to all document, he has only so far comments rights. Wanted to konw if (I suppose not) is possible to allow him to edit only a portion of the table (as written the column witht the effort estimates)

What I sometimes do is create a page called Input or Edit, then just have the columns that users can edit on that page, then have the rest of the doc be Read Only.

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