Alternatives to Zapier for connecting to other apps?

I’ve long used Zapier as the glue between various apps, but I can’t quite get my mind around their new pricing ($30/mo) for my itty bitty use cases. So I’m wondering: What are other tools I can use to connect Coda to external apps, in situations where there is no Pack that can do the job?

Right now I’m trying to sync a Coda task list to my BusyCal task list (probably via Google Tasks, but the Google Tasks pack isn’t really set up for outbound sync). I can think of lots of crazy ways to do it but Zapier would be the easy way. Any other ideas?

Make, n8n, pipedream, workato, google apps script or build a Coda pack yourself!

That’s what comes to mind initially


I have used for connecting Coda with some external apps, I like it more than Zapier. Didn’t use other services (except google apps script) that @Scott_Collier-Weir mentioned so cant comment on them.

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I second for Zapier is rather primitive and overpriced IMO. You can do much more with Make than you can do with Zapier, and for much less $.

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