An 'Add New Entry' interface idea

Hi Coda Community!

Just thought I’d share an idea I had for creating a section designed for users to add a new entry to a table. This may have been done before but I’m not sure!

In my case, I have a table called “Projects” and I wanted a quick way for users to add a new Project to the table. I decided to do this by creating a section with a Card view, but the view is filtered to only show rows created within the last 30 minutes. This means the card view will be empty on most visits, ready to click the ‘plus’ button, however if a user has just made a new row and wants to make a change, it will still be there for a while to quickly modify. By keeping it there for 30 minutes it also makes it clear to the user the row was actually created (as opposed to hiding it immediately).

The page ^

The formula ^

Created(thisRow)>(Now()-TimeValue(“00:30:00”)) && Created(thisRow)<(Now())


This is great @Josh_Unwin1! We’ve used a variant of this quite a bit internally, but not via the card view – will need to play around with this for sure.

We also have a bunch of mocks around what a proper form-entry experience could look like in Coda. What would you want it to feel like and how would you use it?

Thanks Evan!

That’s an interesting question - tricky one to answer.
I would think it would be dependant on the use case - it would be neat to have a type of form that can be sent to people to fill in (ala Google Forms) that functions like a webpage form. But it would also be good to have something within the Coda doc itself too. To be honest something like this card method works quite well.