How can I record the date a form is submitted on Coda?

I created a form to make it easier for my colleagues to share their new hiring needs, and I need to record when a form is submitted. I tried multiple ways:

  1. Adding a date and time field to the form
  2. Adding a date created column to the table

And much more, none of which are working. Any suggestions?

hi @Khalid_W_Abou_Kassem , did you try to use Modified(thisRow) ?

Cheers, Christiaan

Yes, it would only show the date I manually create or modify a row in the table. Any other suggestions mate? Thanks.

I am afraid I miss out on something obvious : when a table (form) is filled out, the user create a new row and thus the outcome of Modified(thisRow) changes as well. Then you have the creation data. What is it I do not see?

Hey Christiaan. I loomed a video for your reference just to simplify what I mean.

thx for the video @Khalid_W_Abou_Kassem , it helps :wink:

in short for those interested. the Modified(thisRow) works well when you are in Coda and you modify or create a row. However when you have a form embedded and the data comes in, the Modified(thisRow) remains blank, does not work. That surprises me.

@Federico.Stefanato , do you have a work around for this?

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Hi @Khalid_W_Abou_Kassem (and welcome to the Community!), and @Christiaan_Huizer,

In your Timestamp column you might try to use the Value for new rows option to Now() (and obviously hide it in the form view).
This should value the column as it is computed once the row is actually created.

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Let me know if this helps.

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Yep, that worked out perfectly well. Thanks gentlmen!