Any Pack to Connect to or emulate Sunsama?

I am not a skilled coder, but if I were, my first project would be to recreate a functional Sunsama replacement inside or, more likely, as I think Coda couldn’t currently handle the rolling calendar view the same, code a Pack to connect Coda to Sunsama in a meaningful way.

Anyone out there working on this? Is it even feasible? Since it can import Notion/Airtable/etc. tasks I imagine it wouldn’t be too tough for Coda…

@Scott_Collier-Weir maybe?

Hey there!

Looking at it - I don’t think Sunsama has an API so I don’t think a pack would be possible (unless someone else can find api documentation for them - I recently saw on twitter a mention that they DO NOT have an api)

So Then your best bet is to replicate it.

I’m not familiar with sunsama though - what is it?? What is the main feature it offers that you’d want Coda to do?

Appreciate the response and have really enjoyed the templates I purchased from you. Most of what I’ve learned in Coda is from working through your code to figure out how you structured nested formulas, dot operators, etc.

In short, connects tasks directly to cloud calendars.

Ideal setup:
Using my task list from your to-do template as source, Sunsama has a left column with tasks, a rolling 7-day view in a center column and then you can drag-and-drop tasks directly onto daily calendar in right column (both my work Outlook & personal Gmail) to block out my day. Super clean interface.

It has 2-way sync with Asana, Notion, Trello, Todoist, Slack, ClickUp & Jira. But no Coda :frowning: Very cool tool - they have a 14 day trial if you want to play around with it.

This is because you have to request that they build it. Without a publicly-available API, our hands are tied. One option is a Bardeen recipe which could post data to Coda via webhooks and also retrieve data from Coda via the API and push it into Sunsama.

@Bill_French Keen point! I have requested it, as well as from the designer of Ellie, a similar & equally clean-looking alternative to Sunsama. I believe he is/was active on this forum also.

As you suggested, I hope others do the same as I think there’s a great use case for the 2 tools together.

I’ll dive down the Bardeen rabbit hole and report back if successful. Thanks!

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