Now in Beta: Track, manage, and connect your team with the new Asana Pack for Coda. [Team, Enterprise]

We know that creating the most effective workspace for you means integrating and elevating the tools that already help your team run.

The Asana Pack, now available in Beta for teams on Coda’s Team and Enterprise plans, makes tracking, managing, and connecting even simpler. No more cross-referencing, downloading, or getting stuck with stale data. House your project tracker, team hub, and launch calendar alongside other specialized tools—like Figma and Jira—to make the most of your time and energy.

With the Asana Pack, your docs…

  • Give you a bird’s eye view with hawk-like precision. The Asana Pack allows you to build a cohesive project tracker and launch calendar for monitoring every team’s progress. Quickly identify successes and stuck points to tackle your work most effectively.
  • Connect every team with every system. Communicating with your dispersed team can be tricky for even the most well-oiled machine. Building a team hub with Coda for Asana allows each team to still use their preferred tools, and they’ll all live side-by-side. No more clunky attachments or copy-pasting!

The Asana Pack is available in Beta for all Team and Enterprise plans. Try it out, and let us know what you think.


I’m not an Asana power user, so I may be missing the point of this pack. I thought I would be able to embed Asana projects (lists and timeline views) into a Coda page with this pack, but I’m not seeing how to do that, at least not in a visually helpful way.

Perhaps an example use case or two could be provided on what can be down with this pack. Or if others can explain how they’re using it.


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Also would love to know if this is possible and if so how to do it

@Coda_Zac Is what @John_Palfreyman mentioned possible?

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This Pack is more about bringing the actual underlying data from Asana into a Coda doc rather than allowing you to embed components of Asana into Coda, though Coda supports embeds from any other tool (provided the embed link has the appropriate permissions). You could use the Pack to bring in data from Asana and then configure the data to your preferred format using Coda’s features.

I’m only a bit familiar with Asana, but to my knowledge they don’t seem to really support embedding or making their charts, boards, etc. available in other applications. Happy to be proven wrong though!