Launched: The Asana Pack helps you manage projects with precision

Track, manage, and connect your team with the Asana Pack, now available for team and enterprise plans. Say goodbye to switching among tabs—by integrating the two tools, you can combine Coda’s best-in-class collaboration tools with Asana’s task management platform for seamless, centralized workflows.

With the Asana Pack, you can…

  • Get feedback on your campaign proposal or project plan with Coda’s flexible writing surface, then add and edit Asana projects right from your doc with the click of a button.
  • Connect company-level OKRs with boots-on-the-ground execution. Tie your strategic initiatives to the projects that turn those objectives into reality, allowing stakeholders to follow along, unblock, and see your projects paint the doc green.
  • Save money on tools. Thanks to our unique billing model, your whole team can view, create, and update Asana tasks for free from within Coda—saving you $25+ per teammate per month.


Ready to transform how you manage your tasks and projects? Get set up and get inspired with the Asana + Coda guide or add it to one of your existing docs.


I’m wondering if anyone else is having issues with ‘sections’ from Asana imported to Coda. I can read the sections in my Asana sections column but they’re light grey and it says ‘the table referenced here cannot be found’. anyone else ?

Hi Lisa, that’s because the Section column is actually a lookup to the Section table. If you pull in the corresponding Section table you the references should work :+1: . If it doesn’t, let me know!

Hi Zac,
No matter how I set it up in Asana, the section table data is greyed out and not referenceable in Coda.

I’m wondering if it is because these sections are composed of sub-tasks ? I’m seeing an issue in instagantt as well :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi Lisa, would love to take a closer look here. Do you mind reaching out to support by emailing and explaining the situation? Then our team can take a closer look and see what’s going on :+1: . Feel free to mention that I sent you!

I solved my problem by creating a ‘Fake Section’ Custom column in Asana :grin:

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is there a way to have due date as a column option? I see “modified at” but no option for due date. Really messing up my attempts to nicely show asana tasks in timeline view.

Hi @Dustin_Good1 ,

Yes, the Asana Task “Due On” and “Due At” fields should be available in the Tasks sync table for you to reference.

@Coda_Zac just curious and not sure if you can share, but do you codans use Asana at work? Just wondering if you see Coda eventually replacing your Asana processes entirely.

Hi Ed, at Coda we try to use Coda for everything! Onboarding, project tracking, workflows, etc. There are some exceptions, like email, but otherwise Coda does indeed run on Coda :smiley:


Ok that’s great to hear! I myself am a fan of Asana but we are using Coda for our project tracking as well :slight_smile: :metal:

Hopefully it’ll be easier to use both with the new Pack. And if you have any questions about it feel free to reach out to support and ask for me!

Do you have plans to allow text formatting (within Coda) to transfer to Asana when creating tasks? Often it’s helpful to add headers, bold, and/or italicized text within task descriptions. From the testing i’ve done so far this doesn’t seem to be supported.

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Hi Max! Not something we’re actively working on, but happy to consider it. Could you elaborate on the broader scenario? Like, are typing up this formatted text in a table, is it for a post-planning process, etc.

Hey Zac, yes we are typing up this formatted text as a Text column in a table.
For certain workflows, we feel like creating Asana tasks entirely through Coda (via buttons and automations) could be cleaner and more organized. The only downside is that we cannot write out task descriptions in the same way we would if we just created them in Asana: With text formatting, bulleted lists, hyperlinked text, etc. The result is a bland task description, which might be fine, but it is less appealing. People who are used to Asana at our organization would see this as a downside to utilizing Coda. Does that make sense?

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Hi @Max_McEwan ,

Could you let us know which field you are attempting to set with rich text?

Hey @chris, specifically the “notes” field which is what we refer to as the Task Description in Asana.
Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 11.10.47 AM
I wouldn’t necessarily expect H1-H3 text to pass over as normal, but Asana just did release Heading 1 and Heading 2 text sizes within the Description so perhaps those could be matched up with Coda headers.
Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 11.15.07 AM

@Max_McEwan - have you tried the “htmlNotes” field instead? The Asana API for whatever reason has separate entry points for raw text “notes” and rich text “htmlNotes” which have been reflected in the pack formula in case there are use cases for the two that are important for users. I’m curious if the other field carries at least some of the rich text content through.

Thanks for the suggestion Chris. When I replace notes with htmlNotes I get an Asana Error dialog box: “the Asana server returned an error while taking an action”.

Ah, they don’t actually support HTML input, but instead some proprietary format. I’ll need to see if I can convert to it. Stay tuned for an update.