Asana sync missing from table?

Hi, I’m new and I love Coda.
I’m currently exploring some of it’s many many options and I found how to sync my Asana projects (I’m hanging onto it for now because, well, I love unicorns flying across my screen).

I brought two Asana projects into Coda. One table has ‘Last synched x minutes ago’ but the other one does not. Now I can’t remember for the life of me if I connected each of them to Coda in a different manner or if that’s even possible ?

Would love your thoughts on what may have happened here. Small note, each project is the original table and not a view of another table.

Sorry Sorry ! :woman_facepalming: Got it ! It was a view ! Sorry :pray:


That said, I’ve found a work around for Asana tasks in Coda that only have a due date, and no start date (in Asana, one day tasks only have a due date by default). In Asana if you give a time a task starts, say September 9th, 9am and ends at say September 9th 5pm, you will then have a start and a due that you can filter with in Coda.

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Hi Lisa, I am new to Coda as well and looked at Asana for a bit (never really used it) before. I am wondering what is the advantage of using Asana over Coda? Other that a clean design? Any specific features?

Hi Fran, from what I’m seeing (I’ve been in Coda for about a week maybe 12 hours total) I could probably drop Asana completely as I can configure the tables in Coda to work like similarily to Asana. But I’ve many on-going projects already in Asana at the moment. So i’m synching some of them to Coda.
I’m glad I started years ago in Asana in order to get our production workflow going.
Now that I know what we need I think it’s much easier for me now to sync some projects to Coda + create new tables in Coda.
Having the ability to create wikis in Coda is definitely a big seller for me and my team. ‘The one source of truth’ is somethingI’ve been looking for for years.
Will I drop Asana entirely ? Not sure and not yet. It’s ability to sync with instagantt is a powerful feature and I love it.
But Coda is clearly my top app at the moment. If you’re comfortable with creating formulas to make your tables work for you then Coda is for you. Check out their tutorials on youtube. They’re very well done, interesting and informative :+1:t2: Good luck !


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