Any way to create different colored calendar entries?

I’m interested in creating a calendar where adding an event conditionally gives it a different color. Think a Time Off calendar where Work From Home is orange and PTO is red. has a brief statement in the FAQ, but I can’t figure out how to accomplish this.

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The Editorial & Social Media Calendar in the Template Gallery shows this off really nicely.

  1. Create a table that includes columns: start, end, title, and type. The type in this example is “Blog Post”, “Video”, and “Whitepaper” but for your example @Sumit_Kishore, you’ll put “Work From Home” and “PTO”

  2. Add conditional formatting to the base table.

  3. Make sure that the Display column (usually the Title of the event, in this example it is called Content) in the base table is conditionally formatted as well.

  4. You’ll see those colors reflected in the Calendar view of that table.

Is this the only way to tell the Calendar view to color the entry? With such an important feature, why is it not a selection option on the Display settings of the calendar? Something like “Select the column to act as the colour for the entry” or something.


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I used the same approach for my Timesheet Template.

I used a color column for this setup for easier reference. It might be overkill for some scenarios, but it worked well here because our time sheets vary widely across departments, so each employee can edit and customize as they need to.

Programming the colors with filters, it was easier for me to sort everything out in Table View then switch to Calendar View. I had a better view of more of my data in the table while only seeing a month at a time in the calendar.

@Lloyd_Montgomery You can conditionally format the calendar as well (and not have it reflect on the table). Here’s what it would look like:

Thank you! I’ll give that a try.