Anyone know what the trailing ellipses in the Formula example box mean?


When the value of this column is concatenated with a single digit number, these ellipses appear to insert an invisible space (and linebreak) in the resulting concatenation:

Would love to avoid these spaces/linebreaks.

Looks like the ellipses indicates it’s a list of values, but even after a listcombine() and unique(), the ellipses still show up:

Any ideas?

Hey SiNing!

Those aren’t ellipses, but rather a specific icon which tells you the type of data contained within the colored chip

That one specifically indicates a “row-value”

Here’s Codas documentation on chip icons and how they correspond to data types and how to work with them!

Send your doc link over and I’ll take a look at your issue! I’ve dealt with one similar before

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Will take a look…thanks!

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