API: Get Coda User List

Hi !
I’m working for a client that uses Coda and I’m building an App that basically uses the API to fetch some tables and show information. This is my first time using Coda so I’m learning as I go. A feature that I need to implement is a dropdown to filter rows by the “Assigned” person (column). I read the Coda API documentation, search here and I couldn’t find a way to get a list of Coda users. Currently I’m using noda-js to work with the API.
Thanks in advance for any help/suggestion and I’m sorry if this question has been already answered but I couldn’t find it through searching.

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Hi @RCarranza, welcome to the community! Unfortunately the current version of the API doesn’t allow you to retrieve the other users the doc is shared with. In the meantime, I’ve seen others create a “Team” table where each row represents a person on the team. It’s not the perfect solution, but at least this way you can retrieve the rows with the API and get the list of people on the team.

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Thanks for the response @Al_Chen_Coda ! I though about the People/Team table when I was working but I decided to ask here first to see if there was a better solution. I’ll go with that for now.

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In case someone gets here via search (and also maybe you still have that use case @RCarranza)

Since API version 1.1. you can read & manage user permissions via the API.

More about that here.


Wow! @Daniel_Stieber Didn’t know about that!
@Johg_Ananda Is this maybe a first step toward license management integrated into coda? :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

@Mario how are you thinking about using?

@Johg_Ananda I think that integrating a billing manager with coda api could make the magic :slight_smile:

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