Programmatic access to shared users

In Coda we currently have access to a select list with the people that we share the document with, but we can’t programmatically access the user list (like people(1), people(2),…or something like that). It would be really nice if we could get something like that.


I really need this as well!

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@joost_mineur I’m currently using a table to manage my users, and thanks to that i can block action from unauthorized users with formulas (that simply do not work so the doc is not working), this also could allows me to keep the doc public if no saving are needed (as published doc)

But having a control integrated into coda that allows me to manage users would be out of this world :star_struck:
Actually, as seen that i’m planning to also sell access to the doc an all integrated payments/subscription manager implemented into coda would easily be the best thing ever :joy: :grin: