Apply Code Format to Cell

I’m writing some script code into a cell with a formula but would like it to be formatted as code. Any ideas?

you can set the FORMAT of a column in a table to be CODE see below

@Xyzor_Max I was aware of the ability to perform code formatting after-the-fact. The issue is in an automated process, can such formatting be applied after writing content into cells in the column.

You can set “value for new rows” of a text field to be the template that’s an empty paragraph styled as a code block:

See applied here:

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That’s a really good idea, but what happens when the cell is updated? Such selected formatting is overwritten and challenge is to sustain the formatting across many updates.

I’ve tried concatenating ``` to the front and back of updated values without success. I get the sense there is a way to do this - just haven’t found it yet.

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