Change default formatting for a table

Please forgive the novice question…

I searched high and low for the answer to this as it seems like it should be simple, but I can’t figure it out. I have a table with a text field that I would like in H2 header format.

I select any cell and can change the format to H2.

However, I can’t figure out how to make it so the new rows are automatically formatted that way.

I have tried to do this with a Button as well but don’t know the correct formula to adjust the header formatting for new rows. Markdown also does not appear to work unless I’m screwing it up somehow.

Thank you anyone!

Hi @Amir_Haque,

And welcome to the community!

You’re not missing anything here, we actually don’t have this as an option for conditional formatting. What you mentioned with adding the H2 styling in a cell is what we have at the moment.

I’m not sure this is something that’ll be added to the conditional formatting options, but there are table and canvas improvements being worked on to give more flexibility. It’s a longer project with a lot involved, but it’s well underway.

Ah great - good to know I’m not just dense!

Hey @Amir_Haque,

You can prepare yourself a formatted template (e.g. just a single empty line set up to be H2), then use that template as a default value for new rows:

You need to double-click or select-enter the cell to edit it in rich text mode, not in single line overwrite mode (you’ll see a more prominent cell outline).

P.S. Not dense at all :slight_smile: it’s not an intuitive solution but rather one of my know-how tricks. It doesn’t use any hidden formulas or black magic though.


Really cool trick! :grinning:
Thank you