Artificially unfocusing text fields

If you start editing a text field in a table and then click on another input form, such as a checkbox or a button, it won’t unfocus the text field (which is probably a bug in coda).
And any changes to the text field are only saved when you unfocus it.

Why is it a problem?
Let’s say you have a text field as an input and a “confirmation button”. (The simplest example of this is interface for creating new rows)
In order for this button to work correctly, you would need to click somewhere else on the document before clicking it. Not only is this rather annoying, but it’s very likely that in a hurry you forget to do that and inputted data will be parsed incorrectly.

There is a pretty simple solution to this which uses hidden formulas.

The idea is to open url of the currently displayed table/view and then adding a small delay with the _Delay() function before launching the actual action on the button. The delay is required in order for the value of the text field to be updated when the actual action is being executed.

The minimal delay that I found working was 9ms, however I recommend setting it to 50ms just to be safe, since the difference is completely unnoticeable. This delay works even if there are slow calculation formulas using the input cel.

So if the button had previously this formula:

The updated formula would look like this:

You can play around with this hack in the document below.


Hi @Filmos,

I’m an engineer at Coda, and the bug you’re reporting was actually a poor decision on my part. I was trying to tackle a problem where clicking on a button or checkbox would cause your selection to move to that cell, and if that cell was driving which group or sort position that row was in, your screen would suddenly jump and scroll away. This is particularly frustrating if you’re trying to click a few buttons in a row, as your screen jumps on every button click.

My initial naive solution, which you were running up against, was to leave the selection where it used to be, and avoid transferring focus. This clearly caused issues.

Because of your post, I spent some time rethinking the approach, and it occurred to me that the root issue was less that the focus was transferring to the button or checkbox, and more that the row was moving so suddenly.

To resolve this issue, we now “pin” your row as long as you have focus on it. So, if you click a button, we will still select the cell, but we will not immediately update the group or sort order of the row. Instead, we will give a visual indicator that it will go away, and when your selection moves away from the row, it will indeed go away to its correct location.

I hope you find this experience a bit more reasonable, and thanks for sharing your thoughts about the product here.



The pin plus visual indicator during retained focus is great UX. :+1:


Thanks for the feedback, @Ander!

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