Asana Pack Stories not working

I’m using the Asana Pack to get all my tasks from a project, but stories (comments) are not there! it’s blank, but in Asana i have comments
How can i solve it?

Hey @Marcelo_Garcia.

When you pull in the data from the pack and then hover over that pack “chip” do you see a section with the notes in it? Feel free to reach out to support and we can help you get to the bottom of this if you would like.

All my best,

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Hi @Dan_Demers
Thanks for your answer.
I’ve checked the “chip” (I think I looked for the right one) and i can see the Notes, but not the comments. I need tasks comments.

wich support shoul i contact?

Thanks for following up with that information @Marcelo_Garcia . As Dan mentioned, I would recommend reaching out to the Coda Support team by clicking the ? in the bottom right corner of your Coda screen and opening up a conversation with our team.

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thank you both.
i’ll contact support

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Thanks @Marcelo_Garcia !

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