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Hi All,

Is it possible to create a table soley for attachements for other tables to source from? When I try and create a relational link between any table and the file attachement table, I cant add files to the attachement table from any other tables.

I am still rather new to Coda, so I am sure I am missing something silly :slight_smile:

Hey Simon, welcome to the Community!

You can totally create any tables for whatever reasons: not just for data storage but for anything temporary or technical as well. That’s one of the biggest aha moments of every Coda newcomer. If it makes sense for your case, you can totally create a separate table called e.g. Files with two columns, the name and the attachment itself, and then reference those attachments from any other tables through a lookup column (selection of rows from the Files table).

It is not possible, however, to make an Attachment column that would upload the file into a different table. So you can’t create an Attachment column on e.g. Tasks table and expect that your uploads would magically go into the Files table. But — you can create a workflow where you create a Task (e.g. through a Detail view or a popup) and in that interface you also add rows to Files.

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Hi Paul…

Thanks for the welcome!

Your suggestion will definitly be good workaround… Thanks again!!!

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