Auto Constrain People column list by associated Position

Hello, I want to use the People column for it’s unique properties/notifications, etc.

I’m having trouble figuring out how to say use the People column 3 times on the same table but constrain each People column to only have People that meet certain criteria (position = “their position”) in each column.

This is for building an employee scheduling solution. I’d have a table with all of our locations, dates, shifts, and positions needed for each shift in each row i.e. all values are fixed/auto built but the scheduling team would use the table to click in each of the 3 People column drop downs to add the Person with that Position to the schedule in that column so I’m naming the columns Position 1, Position 2, Position 3 but can’t figure out how to only show the People with the column Position. I tried filtering but kind of auto adds every option and I’m really looking to keep this a drop down where someone selects the person just don’t them able to add a person with the wrong position into each column.

Hi Dan,

Could you give an example table? I have a bit of difficulty visualizing your requirement.


Hi Piet, here is the table where I have 3 columns for the 3 functional positions I have and need to separate. I need each column to only have people in the drop down that have the column name as their position from the linked table (“employee table” / column = “Position” ). The page is a subpage of Colorado Schedules named February 2022 Schedules.

Really appreciate the help

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