Create automatic "Working with" column based off schedule details

I am trying to automatically populate the “working with” column with the names of the people that are scheduled for the same shift (ie. location, date, start time which all match). For this example table below John, Bob & Josh would be working together.

Here you go. It assumes that Name is unique. If it is not, you should add (and hide) a new column with RowId() formula and use it in formula instead of Name.

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Dear @Denis_Peshekhonov, thanks for this sample :clap:, I was also working on it, but I didn’t manage to get my head around it. :cold_face:

Always great to get the oppertunity to learn something new :trophy:

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Awesome! That is great. Thank you :smiley:

You are welcome!

P.S. I’ve realised that I forgot about location :slight_smile: Added it to the formula.