LookUp formula difficulties


I would like to use lookup to save some copy/paste time when sheduling people…

I have these columns in my end table:

This is the table from which I want to drag the data:

What do I want to achieve:
When I enter a name in the first table (column “Name”), I want the columns Team & Teamlead to be filled automatically via lookup from the second table.

Whatever I tried I did not manage to achieve this.

I tried:

  • [List of Support Agents].Lookup(Name, thisRow)
  • [List of Support Agents].Lookup(Team, First(List(Team)))
  • and a lot more…

Can someone help me?

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Dear @Thomas_Meissner,

If I understand your question well you will need a “junction” table as in the sample below.

In the same way to connect your “support agents” to the “pending support tickets” the “teams / users” issuing the tickets

I recommend to have also a look to this article: https://help.coda.io/organizing-your-doc/setup-best-practices/schema-design-principles :bulb:
It will help you to understand the relations, like “One to One”, “One to Many” and “Many to One”.

Give it a shot and In case of need, I will try to assist :handshake:

Kind regards,

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If I understand your goal correctly, this is how I would build it.
EDIT: If you open the image in its own browser tab, it’s not as blurry.



thank you so much!

Finally it worked. I really needed to see your second message.

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