Autogenerating subtasks

Hi! I work for a publishing company as the production manager and I’m trying to organize title workflows. I have the following tables:

  • v1_db_titles: This table includes a list of titles
  • v1_db_tasks These are tasks associated with titles. Here, you can see “Connected Subtasks.”
  • v1_db_subtasks These are “subcategories” of tasks. Here, you can see the “Connected Task.”
  • v1_db_tasks_template: The template I pull from when generating tasks.
  • v1_db_subtasks_template: The template I pull from when generating subtasks.

For every title, we have the same tasks and subtasks. I created a button to generate the task for a title (with success!). From the Task table, I also created a button to generate the subtasks. This is where I run into a snag.

When it generates the subtasks, they all assume the first row’s parent task.

Here is what I input:

The result was as follows:

I attempted to change the final line to “CurrentValue:”

While it pulled the Tasks, it didn’t recognize it as a value associated with the actual task:

The expected result should be:

I feel like I’m so close, but now I’m stumped!

Appreciate y’all looking!