Automated Week Tracker

Hello Coda Community! I’m trying to create a dynamic visual that updates by the week and can revert back to “week 1” - and would appreciate any suggestions on where to start.

For more detail, my company runs multiple programs that go from week 1 to week 13 and want to track which week each program is in. This automation should +1 every week until it hits 13 then revert back to week 1.

I tried starting with a rule that every Sunday the row updates +1, but am not getting it to work properly.

Do you have any suggestions on how to start with this?

Thank you!

Hi @Shayna_Eshmoili and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

Could you give us more context about what you have in mind here ? :innocent:

What do you mean by “dynamic visual” ? :blush:

Thank you for your response! Ideally, it would be a table with a column/row for every Monday for the next year listed and next to it would be another column/row with the program week number. I’m attaching an example because I understand the explanation is not super clear -

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