Automatically add a relationship to a new line

Hello everyone, I’m new to Coda: :), right now I’m mainly using Notion but I’m trying to create my space on Coda.

I’m worried because on Notion when you filter a view on a relationship it automatically adds to the new lines, is it possible to do the same with Coda?

Thank you in advance.

Hey Simon! Welcome :smiley:

Admittedly not super familiar with Notion functionality, but you can definitely create filtered views in Coda, as well as bring in filtered data to your tables with the Filter() formula.

Just wanted to share these resources with you that I think might be helpful as you get started with Coda:

If you’ve got an example you can/want to share of what you’re trying to replicate, I’m betting we can get it done in Coda! :+1:

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Hello Simon !

Yes, when you filter a table and then click on new row in the bottom, the new row automatically takes the right value to match the filter.

To be very clear, if I have a table tasks and I create a filter on the status “Not started”, every new row in this filtered table will be “Not started”.

But be careful, it’s a mess when your filter contains multiple choices. In my previous example, if I create a view with the filter status “Not started” + “Pending”, it takes the first status or the first you selected or a random one and sometime not in the good format…

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Hello Aurelie,
I managed to get around the problem by using the buttons to add new lines by combining them with the select :), thanks for your answer!

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