Automatically add new user to a table

I have recently started playing around with Coda and I absolutely love it!

I am currently working on a “User access table” where I can control which buttons are active for which user simply by using checkboxes.
The connections and formulas work great, but I am wondering if there is a way to ensure that a newly registered user automatically is added to the “User access table” (add row with new user in the People column).

I don’t expect such a solution to exist but I would be stupid not to explore the possibility in this community.


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Hi @Kjell_Pettersen,
you are right: there is no automatic way to add the new user to your User Access Table.

I guess you already figured it out, but in case you can create a button - enabled only if the user doesn’t exist in the table - that adds the record with the current user.

I hope this helps.

Thank you, @Federico.Stefanato!
There are certainly other actions I would prefer to have available before that, especially since there are not that many potential users to be added. Well, first I get to enroll the client into actually going for Coda instead of Airtable, but from what I have seen and tested so far I am greatly impressed!

Thanks again!