Automatically create Coda profiles in Coda using email addresses and send invitations to join Coda docs

I’m exploring the possibility of streamlining the creation of Coda profiles for my students using their email addresses and then directly inviting them to a particular Coda document.

Is there a straightforward method to accomplish this? In a similar vein to how I manage with Microsoft Teams, where I can automatically create email addresses for my students and then seamlessly invite them to Teams, bypassing the need for them to manually sign up. They simply receive their email address, gain access to it, and immediately have entry to Microsoft Teams as well.

Essentially, I’m looking to:

  1. Automatically generate an email address.
  2. Create a profile on Coda for them.
  3. Add this profile into a specific Coda document.
  4. Automatically send an email inviting them to access the Coda document.

Do you think this is feasible?



There are a few caveats on this scenario you’re proposing.

By “Automatically generate an email address” you mean registrate an email on a external email service? Making that from Coda directly doesn’t seem an easy feat, you would need to get a pack for that, or create an automation using something like

You can have a table on which you import the students information and use that to compose the email addresses, using a simple Compose() formula. Now, how to create the email addresses depends on the service you’re going to use - maybe you can clarify that so we can think out something.

There is no need to “create a profile on Coda for them”, because when you share a doc to someone, Coda guides this person to sign up for an account, so you should only make them aware of this process.

Now to share the doc and send an email inviting them, I think you can use the sharing action of the Coda Doc List pack for the sharing part and use the Gmail Pack (or look for the email provider you use in the pack gallery) to send an email - something as simple as two buttons each one with one action attached to them.

Is that what you were envisioning?

Thank you for your insights on this process. To clarify, my focus is less on the initial step of generating email addresses externally and more on the subsequent steps involving Coda. Specifically, I’m interested in automating the creation of Coda profiles and the addition of users to Coda documents.

While I understand that Coda prompts users to sign up when a document is shared with them, I’m exploring a more streamlined approach that mirrors the ease with which I can add students to Microsoft Teams automatically. The ideal scenario would involve minimal action required on the student’s part to access the Coda document.

I see where you want to go… but as far as the API Documentation goes, there’s no path to create an account, so automation is not an option.

Either you share the doc and let the student be prompted to create an account or get an intern to create those mannually :joy:

Absolutely, discussing complex topics like this often benefits from diverse viewpoints. I’d be keen to hear if anyone else has tackled similar challenges or has innovative suggestions. Different strategies or experiences could shed new light on streamlining the process for integrating users into Coda documents, especially in educational settings like mine.

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