Can I build MVP with Coda?

I have a plan to create a basic directory website. Where visitors can hire a local person base on their needs. To complete this task I need a solid solution for our users or job seekers. Selected users and admin received an email when visitors hire them from our database. To complete this task I want to create to create a separate form for each jobseeker’s profile so they can receive a direct message with our website branding. Not only that but the user(job seekers) can also edit their information in our database with email verification feature. After verifying the email user can assess the separate from where they can edit and update their information in our database.

Somehow I feel it is possible with Coda. But I am not sure. Please share your thoughts.

Hey @rishi_shah, I think this is absolutely possible, and we are seeing makers do a lot of similar things lately.

Here’s an example you might use for inspiration:

One thing you’d need to add is a Send Email button. You’d need to format the sent email to have your branding.

Email verification might be tough.

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Do you have any alternative solution regarding the email verification process? Because without user permission any one can edit and update the dummy data. Which can be one of the most complicated task for me in the future.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a great solution for verification directly in-doc right now.

However, one thing you could try is to make two docs:

  1. ‘Gatekeeper’ doc with a form where users who wanted to get access to the other doc could sign-up. You would ‘approve’ users who write in on this doc and give them access to doc (2).
  2. The database doc where all users who are added to it can edit the doc.

Obviously users in (2) would be able to edit other info, but the ‘verification’ process in (1) might help keep our spammers. You’d also be able to revoke permission to (2) for users who violated any controls you would want in place.