Community/Spam Edit Review/Moderation Tools?

I have some experience with Mediawiki, which is great for this. Wondering if coda is appropriate for something like this (yet!).

simplified example:
I want to create a crowd-sourced directory of local businesses, where the local community can contribute data want there to be two levels:

  1. Admins that setup everything.
  2. regular contributing ‘editors’, who will crowd-source the data


  1. I want to have admins to have the option of explicitly approving new ‘editor’ registrations or not. And want new editor registrations to always require an email confirmation
  2. I want admin tools to review the contributions of ‘editors’.
  3. Admin tools to undo unwanted/spam contributions, including in bulk.
  4. And remove editors.

Hi @Senthil_Seveelavananan :slight_smile: Welcome on Coda :slight_smile:
What you are trying to build can be made on coda :slight_smile:
You’ll just need a lot of time and patience to build this up! :slight_smile:
Alternatively you can choose a gallery template but i prefer to build my own, so i know 100% how those work :slight_smile:
If i had to create the same app i would use different services, you can build this on coda but other pre-made services already have your requested features and requires no extra efforts to be made :slight_smile:
In any case you could then share a template an make the same process easier in the future, and easily editable :slight_smile:
Let me know if you have technical questions, i’ll be there :slight_smile:

P.s. some feature will not be needed, like the email confirmation, because coda already verify those information :slight_smile:

Hi @Senthil_Seveelavananan,

This sounds like an interesting doc! Since we launched publishing, I think there are ways to make this work depending on the account plan you have. If you have a Team account, you can use Locking on different sections, so one section could allow editing and adding ideas, but you would limit the tables to only show rows created by the current User(). Then you could lock another section to everyone but the admins, where they could approve or disapprove rows.

I think there are a couple ways this could work. If you want to create a doc to test with and post back here, we can try to pitch in and help along the way.

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Lets just assume a single table, that would be locked? So that regular editors could add rows, but not delete. Is that possible? Plus my other points on moderation tools?


I would make use of Coda’s table views for this. Creating a view of a table keeps all data connected but lets you filter and use those different views in different ways.

Have a master table, but a view of that table in one section could be filtered to just that user’s rows and that could be the edit section.

Then another section could be a read only section and can be where people can browse all the info.

So you’re still working with one table, but each view and section can be set to different locking levels.

And maybe for the admins that will be the moderators, they might have access to the main doc and allowed to edit any section. You could have buttons that mark a checkbox for “Published” and if that’s marked true, then the item can be published, but if it’s not marked yet or marked false, it’s not shown on the view all section.

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This is really interesting. If the user() function is added automatically, this whole moderation system would be very simple and elegant. I hadn’t thought of it like that


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