Automatically invite people to a doc/folder

We are an association and we use several docs to gather feedback and insights from our members. We have collected those docs in a folder. We then invite our members so only they have access.

This is a manual process. However, we hope to grow and then it becomes quite an annoying repetitive and time consuming task. Has someone found a way to automatically invite people to a doc/folder.

My thinking was that I could let our members fill out a form and then use an automation to check if the user that filled out the form is also a member (based on automatically updated doc in another folder). If they are we would add them to the folder so they have access to all member docs.

The last step is not possible, unfortunately. Does anyone have the same issue or does anyone know of workarounds?

Your answer is the doc explorer pack. It has actions that allow to via a button, automate the sharing of documents.

You could trigger this share action via the pack

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Hi Scott, thanks for pointing me towards the Doc Explorer Pack. Seems really useful indeed.

Unfortunately, what I want is automated invitiations to groups/folders, and that doesn’t seem to be possible.

Perhaps I can create some automated workflows that use the ‘invite-to-docs-button’ in every doc, but then you need to keep that up-to-date. Adding someone to a folder/group would only need to be done once.

Actually, you can suppress the email that is being send and you can add multiple docs via “RunActions”, this might do the case for now. I’ll just invite them to every doc within the group. Management will be fairly simple as I only need to keep that one button updated :slight_smile:


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I could create a pack that allows you to add permissions to folders, but that pack would only be available to Enterprise users.

The endpoint that allows us to programmatically share folder access is only available to enterprise accounts.

Have an enterprise account??? I’ll make you a pack!

We’re on the Team tier. But the current setup works well enough for now. When we’ll grow to 10k members we’ll also grow into the Enterprise tier. Then I’ll get back to you :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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