Suggestions for Workspace, Folder and Doc Sharing setup with Automation

Hi. I’m struggling a bit to find the best way for my organization to share it’s docs and folders. I hope you have some idea of how to do this better.

We currently have 100 members, divided into 6 local organizations.

  • We have a Wiki Doc and “Startup How-to doc” which should be open and editable to everyone with an organization mail address.
  • We have docs for each local organization for task management. This one should only be accessible for invited members.
  • The local organizations might create more docs for their need in the future.

We currently have this setup:

Organization Workspace
Common Folder

  • Startup How-To doc
  • Wikipedia doc

Local Organization 1 folder

  • Task Management doc

Local Organization 2 folder

  • Task Management doc

The question is how to simplify this? And are there any way to automate invitations from elsewhere? Like from a member list in a google doc? We get several new members each month, and some leave. We should really do this in an easy way to not get an administration overload.

No matter what settings I use I feel it’s cumbersome. I need to invite each person to the workspace. I can’t find a way to automatically assume all with the addresses to be treated as members. And we have to instruct members to join their relevant organization. And we have the possibility that others can join an organization which they are not a member in. That should preferably be avoided.

What is the best way to deal with this?

Dear @Carl_Haugen,

You didn’t mention the type of Coda account your organisation has.
Neither it’s clear how many Makers your organisation has, I suggest to check with and maybe the Enterprise account will be an option, just a humble suggestion :thinking:

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We’re on the first paid level (pro?). Only have one doc maker license so far. We’re a non profit with a very low budget. So adding on lots of extra would probably mean we have to go back to notion instead.

We really want to figure out how to best utilize the current payment level and having one sentral organiser. We could bump up the sub to the next level or purchase another doc license or two, but not much more than that. We don’t really have more than a couple of technical persons to do the doc creation and tasks anyway. It’s rather static. The Wiki and a single task management doc for each org is all we need.

You can most certainly do this on the lower level paid tier and only two doc makers! Coda sounds like a perfect and probably more cost effective platform for your non profit than Notion

Are you just looking to simplify or organize the home workspace?


We’re just looking for a way to easily share access to each of the organizations task management docs. Without other people being able to see that other organizations do. We have one Task doc per organization.

I suspect that we need to use Private folder with the task mangement doc inside, and add each member with read/write access to that folder. But I would have loved to be able to automate access somehow.

As I see it now, we would probably have to have either

  • have one person (high ranking officer) to invite people for the right organization as they join
  • or delegate ability to add members for each of the local organizations and allow them to do the work them self

I did have a small hope that one could automate this with a “google sheet to coda” pack or whatnot. But I have seen no such options yet.

The open wiki page are not a problem I think. We can just have read access open for the world to see. No particular secrets there.

Got it - I think I have some ideas for you but want to clarify a few things.

Each organization is an external organization that you work with correct? And each organization has an individual doc with tasks on it they need to access or see?

About how many organizations do you have?

That’s right. We have 7 independent organizations (in the bigger cities). All independent with their own boards and constitutions, but they follow some rules and directions by the national organization. We want to provide them with effective task management and best practices. They need access to their own doc and edit tasks.

For privacy concerns we’d prefer to restrict access between them. Only the admin in the national mother organization will be able to access and manage it all.

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