Automatically marking tasks complete


I thought I would share a simple example of how you can setup a document to have task’s with sub tasks and automatically mark a task done when all sub tasks are complete. If you want you can also add an automation to mark all subtasks complete if you mark the master task as done.

Marking parent task done when all sub tasks are done:

If conditional to check if all tasks are complete:
Subtasks.Filter([Step 1 Result].ParentTask = ParentTask).Done.All(CurrentValue)
Custom Filter on Task table:
CurrentValue = [Step 1 Result].ParentTask

Marking all subtasks done when marking parent complete.

Custom Filter on SubTasks table:
ParentTask = [Step 1 Result]

Note: This will currently not work on multiple levels of depth as we do not support triggering an automation using an automation.



In your example it appears as if Subtasks are nested within Tasks (or at least they are showing up within the Task table’s detail view). I’m not sure how to reproduce this. Can you add some additional information on how to set up this example? Thanks!



Hi @Stephen_F,

I’m using a subtable with a master detail presentation to make the tasks look like they are nested.

We have a article on Subtables here:

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