Automation - Copying specific data from a table to a different table once a row is added

Hello everyone.

I have a table of payment milestones that has a unique setup of columns.

As these payments describe a future income, I wanted to create a new table in which, in addition to showing the milestones, I could add new rows of expected expenses that has a much simpler column setup.

I want to run an automation in which everytime a new row is added to the Milestones table - A new row will be added to the income/expenses table and that I will be able to choose which columns are copied from the MS table.

Is that possible using automation?
Thx in advance :pray:

My assumption is that you want to use income and expenses in a single view. The generic advice in that case is to use a single table for both income and expenses. The fact that they use different columns/ different number of columns doesn’t really matter.

Hi Piet, thanks for the reply.
I wish it was that simple… The thing is that the column related to the final income amount and the final date of issuing the invoice are formula based, while I need the expense rows to be entered manually.

I do not see the problem? - for the expense rows, the formula columns could just be ignored, the two topics are not mutually exclusive.

An example would be helpful.

Hi Piet.

I changed the table so it would contain both milestones and expenses.
I guess it is the simplest solution and it works well.


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