Automation failed to run - rule already started

I have a doc with an automation that runs once/day at 1am ET. It’s been working well for weeks now. I made some changes to a button that the automation presses a few days ago. It worked for a couple days, and then failed last night with the error “This automation is trying to run a rule that has already started.” The activity log doesn’t show any other runs this morning, and when it ran the previous day it was successfully completed after 6min. What could cause this error?

Hi @Courtney_Milligan1
Could you please share a screenshot to understand the structure of your automation. If you created your automation, and then changed parameters linked to it, it may involve some error. But for an accurate help, I’ll need more informations :wink:



It’s kind of a complicated rule, but here are the screenshots:

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 8.35.11 AM

Maybe someone from Coda knows what could cause this error message. @Eric_Koleda?

Was this a one-time hiccup, or does it keep failing with that error?

It’s only happened once so far

Gotcha. I’d monitor it for a while and see if it happens again. It can often be very difficult to debug one-time glitches vs consistent problems.

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