Automation IF not working

Hi. I’m creating a ticketing system where a new form entry should route to the appropriate delivery team as found in the relation column “Delivery Team”. There are several teams - PS, CS, Edu, Support. I have created an automation for each team that basically follows this format:

**WHEN a form is submitted on [Form Results Table]**

**IF [Step 1 Result].[Delivery Team]=[PS]**

**THEN ModifyRows([Step 1 Result], [Form Results Table].[Request Assigned To], [Step 1 Result].[PSnamedlist] WHERE the named list pulls from an access table.**

**THEN Notify([Access Table].[Routing], "New Request Submitted")**

Each automation follows this but replaces “PS” with the team name, i.e. CS, Edu, Support.

The problem is that for every new ticket, every automation will run regardless of the “Delivery Team” value. Since it runs everything, every team will get a notification. And, in the end, the request will be assigned to the Support Team since they are the last automation to run.

I’ve tried various IF statements and none seem to work. Can someone please help me with the proper formula?

Hey there! Do you mind sending some screenshots of the automation or the doc itself??

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