Automation Quota Usage

It would be very helpful to see my automation quota usage, even if my plan doesn’t have a quota (e.g. Team plan) on a per workspace and per document basis. Right now you only have the Activity tab on each individual Automation rule in each document to try and assess Automation usage. Unfortunately, that tab doesn’t maintain a complete history. Even if it did, this would be a wasteful way for me to try to get a count of time and event based Automations over the last month.

The goal is to be able to assess my typical Automation usage (for time and event based automations separately) so that I can determine if I’m on the right plan or not.

Thank you.

Hey @Thomas_Robbs1,
If you have so little automation usage that a different (cheaper) plan is justified, you should be able to see that easily. If you find that to much work, just have each automation that is triggered send you an notification. You will find out in a hurry if it is triggered frequently (or not). Automations do something, so it should be easy to add a counter somewhere in your doc for each time an automation has been triggered.
But to be real honest, the pro or the team plans (I guess that’s what you are talking about?) are such a great deal, that if you are serious about your automations (and so many other ‘perks’ of the pro or the team plan), it is almost a non issue. I took the team plan for just one feature (locking) and to this day I think I have the best deal possible for a no-code platform.

Greetings, Joost

PS: I am not an employee of- or affiliated with coda, just a maker and user.

Thanks @joost_mineur . I could hack my away around it, or, it could be useful account usage information given that it is a facet of plan pricing. I’d rather the later because OneMoreThing is not what I need. :grin:

I’m on the Team plan, only because I ran into an automation limit some time ago. I really don’t need any of the other features at the moment. And for $20/month/maker more, I’m looking at that feature and wondering if it’s worth my while to optimize the 2 automations I have so that they don’t trigger as often and then shift down to the Pro plan.

Given that I am a Team of 1, I think it might be worth my while to save $240/year.

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