Automation that download and upload a table

I have a table that I wish to download as a CSV (which in Coda is an easy thing to do) and then upload it to my Onedrive.
I have a button from a pack of Onedrive by Scott Weir which allows me upload the file easily. My only problem is:
How can I automatically download the table and then upload it ? or upload directly from coda?
Thank you for your help!

@Courtney_Milligan1 this is what we’ve been talking about by combining both our packs right?? Can you help?


Hey @Asaf_Chip and @Scott_Collier-Weir! Ya, Scott and I were talking about combining our packs to generate the CSVs and then upload them to OneDrive (or Google Drive if you use my Export to Google Workspace pack). You can do this by generating a download link for the csv of your table using the Export formula in my Export Tables pack, then passing that URL returned from the formula into the ‘file’ parameter of the OneDrive formula. Here’s an example:

If you want to preserve any formatting or data types, you can export it as “xlsx” instead and upload it as “xlsx”

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Can i also ask here about your pack? Are you planning on exporting filtered table of current view? It would be great

I tried your pack and it download everything out at once.

Thank you so much @Scott_Collier-Weir and @Courtney_Milligan1 !!!
It is working perfectly! and it was really easy to do!
I am amazed by how fast you guys were in responding and helping!
Thank you!

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Hey @Korn_Tris! The Pack already exports filtered rows only, however it can only see filters that are collaborative (not personal) because personal filters are not visible in the API. If you change your filters to collaborative, the filtering should be applied in the exports. Unfortunately, the filter bar only works as personal filters, so it can’t be used.

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