Automation then formula output not working

Hey folks, I am having an issue where I cannot reference the output of a then step in the automations when using a formula. You can see in the preview of the formula that a value is being returned, but when actually testing or running the automation, the value is blank. Has anyone else encountered this issue? This is preventing me from referencing the output in the next And Then step.

Value shown in formula

Value missing in automation test return

Hello @Masashi_Schafer!
The problem is that, automations run actions

What you are trying to do is not an action, that may be the reason it doesn’t return a result (although I have to admit it would make sense).

For what I can infer, you want to check if the Select control is empty. If this is the case you want to change it to a value that you calculate with the formula you are showing. Is that right?

If that is right, you can tweak the automation as follows:

In the If section you check if the control is blank so in the next step you change the value of the control to the formula you are showing.

I hope this helps! And feel free to ask any questions if something is not clear enough.

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