Automation: Update a Select List Column when Lookup Column is populated

Hi all,

We have a table which collects incoming applications. One of the columns (Contact Match column) is a lookup to a Contacts table. When an application comes into the Applications table and is matched with a contact on the Contact’s table, I’d like an automation to update the contact’s status on the Contact table (which is a select column, as we also manually change their status). Is that possible? I can’t figure out how to make the automation just update the one contact who now has an application.

Dear @Brittany_Dufresne,

In this video @maria explains in detail how to this.

Thanks so much! I read somewhere that it’s not possible to run the automation if it’s based off a column that is calculated by a formula. Does that mean the automation won’t run off this column?

This is the column on the Contact table which is linked
Contact Table - Application match column