Use a lookup to display select list values


I’m looking to pull selected values from a multiple select list in one table into a lookup in another table, however I am unable to get the correct formula to do so. Has anyone done this before that can guide me in the right direction?


Dear @erik,

If I understand your situation, you might want to check this

Dependency of task

Thank you for the response. I’m building out a Dev doc with all the same tables, etc just fake data so I can share it. I’ll post the link here when I’ts ready.



Here is one possible approach:

Here is the link to the dev doc.

I have under Admin (Core DBs) => Tags a list of tags. Under Admin (Core DBs) => Automation Template there is a coulmn for “Select Tags” where I can choose which tags the automation fits under.

If you look at the Admin (Core DBs) => Client + Template Automation table it has a tags column which currently shows all tags instead of just the ones selected under the select tags column in the automation template table.

I’ve tried quite a few different formulas on this and cannot come up with the expected result. Any help is appreciated.


Thank you @Ander for the assist.

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