Automations : Send a Formatted Email based from a Table

I created a rule that is triggered every day at 12:00 PM PDT. This is my conditional statement.

[Future Assumptions].Filter([Dummy Values] =Today()+7).Count()

If the output of the above statement is greater than 0, then it should email something to a certain user. I want to include the output of the code below as the content of the message.


"Jurisdiction : ",
[Future Assumptions].Filter([Dummy Values]=Today()+7),
'Future Model Codes : ',
[Future Assumptions].Filter([Dummy Values]=Today()+7).[Future Model Code(s)],
'Future Date Available : ',
[Future Assumptions].Filter([Dummy Values] =Today()+7).[Future Date Available],
'Future Effective Date : ',
[Future Assumptions].Filter([Dummy Values] =Today()+7).[Future Effective Date],
'Level of Confidence : ',
[Future Assumptions].Filter([Dummy Values] =Today()+7).[Level of Confidence]


However the message doesnt cater it. How can I make it possible ?

What do you mean “the message doesn’t cater it”

Can you explain?

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It will not render the output of the code above. It’s format style is just plain text. The actual email will just look like this.

Ahhhhhh did you press the =sign before writing that all out? That will open up the formula editor. It looks like you just wrote out your formula in the field itself rather than engaging the formula editor via the =sign

Also - your formulas will become much more legible, faster, and easier to debug with long strings of text like this is you use format() and withName()

Here’s some documentation on the two!


Thank you. Such a great help.

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