Autoresize embedded Coda form

I have an internal doc with a form and table to collect the answers.

I have another public-facing doc where the form has been embedded so that the public can fill out my form.

How can I get the embedded Coda form to automatically size itself (height) so that it is big enough to fit all of the questions in the form without having to scroll the embedded item?

If a Youtube video can embed to fill the width and automatically size the height, how can a form do the same thing?

Hi @Nikil_Ragav :blush: !

Maybe using Embed() in a canvas formula could help you here… as Embed() can take a width and a height parameter :blush: .

It’s not automatic but it should allow you to display all the questions you might need…

You could also maybe use a full page embed for your form instead of canvas one ? :blush:

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