Averaging Shipping Costs of a Specific Route

I have one table of shipping routes with their origin and destination city, and price. What I am trying to do is figure out a way to automatically create a secondary table that averages the shipping cost of all the trips in that specific route. For example:
Column 1 ------------Column 2 ------------Column 3
New York ----------------Chicago ------------ 300
New York ---------------Chicago ------------700
Miami --------------------Chicago ------------800
Chicago ------------------Seattle ------------900
New York ---------------Chicago ------------200

So i would like to make a table that takes the average of each individual route in this case. Which would look like this.

Column 1 ------------Column 2 ------------Column 3
New York ---------------Chicago ----------------400
Miami --------------------Chicago ----------------800
Chicago -----------------Seattle -----------------900

Hi @Andrew_Patel - Nice to have you here.

Can you take a look at the example doc below.
There are two ways I’d do this using Views of the table in Coda.

  1. Use Grouping. No Average Column Needed.
  2. Using a New column to calculate Averages and then using a filter on a view to only show the Unique rows.

Updating steps on how to do this in the doc but hope this helps.

Would this automatically update the table as I incorporate more rows. I also originally started with the grouping method, although it makes it much more difficult to input data and visualize the data.

Yes, it will. Give it a try.

You can also use create a view to enter data. Views are just representation of the same underlying data so you can create different ones and they all update each other.