Barcode, QR code generation problem

I added a column that should show a QR code for the URL of that line. thisRow.Url().Barcode::QR()
The QR code is rendered and the test works. After a few seconds QR code rendering pattern changed to a pattern that seems an error pattern and it don’t work anymore. When I open the formula for editing, the working QR code is shown in the preview.

In the screenshot you see the working code in the front and the wrong code in the back.
Any idea what could be wrong?

You’re actually running this through the barcode feature twice. Your column is set to be the barcode type, which will change things to a QR code and you’re changing it into a QR code in your formula. If you remove the barcode part of your formula, it should work for you.

Are you wanting to show that row in the popup view?
You can try this formula and see if it works and does what you need it to do…

Concatenate(thisRow.Url(), "&modal=true).Barcode::QR()

Thank you! It works now. :muscle:

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