Basic Flashcard Functionality

Hello! Still fairly new here but am getting better. I want to create an “app” for me to test my son on his weekly spelling words wherever we are at (I never have the actual flashcards!) Basically, my thought is to have the opening “page” look like this:

Based upon today’s date, it will show the corresponding weeks words. And then I would have the flashcards look like this:

If I click the “try again” button it would basically add that card back to the end of the pile to review again. Once all cards have been successfully completed, it would come up with a “done” button.

The stretch goal would be to track all the data and have a “progress” section to be able to track by week. I saw the Flashcard App template (and japanese one as well) so I know this is possible, but I just need some help getting started. I just don’t understand Coda all that well yet and it’s limitations. Any help to get started would be fantastic. Thanks!

Hello @Chad_Oglesbay,

I think you will find a very good basis for what you are attempting to build in the below template by @gilgoldshlager41, thanks!

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Hello @Bobby_Ritter. As mentioned in my OP, I found those two templates already but because I am new I am not sure how to break those apart and come up with something similar. I was hoping to get a little guidance in how to get started. Thanks!

Sorry @Chad_Oglesbay, I overlooked that part of your post, if I were you, I would subdivide it into a few functionality concepts and work on figuring out how to build each, then work to combine them all.

  1. A way to “switch” screens (sections). Buttons with hyperlinks work well for this.
  2. A way to set which flash cards are up for review. A button that changes a checkbox for cards based on a specific filter will accomplish this.
  3. A combo action button which combines items 1 and 2, and will be used for the “I want to practice” screen/section’s buttons
  4. An Item on the canvas that displays the current card’s week
  5. An item on the canvas that displays a count of the remaining cards flagged from button in item 2
  6. An item on the canvas that displays the count of the card’s flagged for review today that were then marked correct as well as total marked for review today.
  7. An item on the canvas that displays the active card.
  8. A button that marks a card as incorrect and shuffles it to bottom of list
  9. A button that marks a card correct.
  10. A formula to select active card (used for items 4, 7-9), based on review order
  11. A way to reset the “Review Today” checkbox and “Status” column on cards once everything is correct

That means that your “Cards” table will need at least the following columns:

  • Word
  • Date (can be used for “week of” grouping)
  • “Review Today” checkbox
  • “Status” dropdown: Unreviewed, Incorrect, Correct
  • Review Order Number
  • Button from item 8
  • Button from item 9
  • Button to reset all details

The above is a very rough starting point, and each item can be built in multiple ways, some simpler and some more seamless than others. I would try working through some of these concepts then add a dummy doc to this thread after you have made progress for more specific questions.

Hope that helps, thanks!