Best way to find help with API's in Coda?

Hello all!

I’m having difficulty finding someone proficient in both API’s and Coda. Maybe I am going about this all wrong? Would you suggest I just search for an API expert, then learn how API’s work with CODA to ask the right questions? Would it be dangerous to let someone write an API in general in terms of security?

In a perfect world, I could find a great practioner on here that is honest :wink:


Use Case: Pushing a lead information from CRM into Coda via trigger of status change through integromat. Someone had completed the job but the API broke and he can’t fix it seems.

What’s the CRM? I work with APIs and Coda all day long!

That’s awesome @Scott_Collier-Weir !

The CRM is outbound

You’re in good hands with Scott here, this won’t be hard.

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