Beta: Attachments [Closed because we've launched!]

I’m definitely interested.

I’m interested if this is still open!

Codans, can we get clarification if attachments count against the doc size? What about image previews / thumbnails? Thanks!


Please sign me up. Thank you

No, images do not count against doc size.

There will be a tiny amount of data required in the doc to point to the image, but that’s the only thing that would be included in doc size. It’s about the amount of text you would need for an HTML link to an image and that’s it.


That’s nice.

But what about new attachment feature? Will it be the same thing?

Yep, same thing. Sorry that wasn’t clear.


Is there a way to embed the file yet? I was trying but haven’t figured it out. It says shows an error of “recursive doc embed”. I currently use Google drive to embed receipts in detail view so someone can fill in fields and look at the receipt at the same time. Would love if this feature eventually got added.

Excellent. I’d like to try this out please.

Is there any ETA when this will go live? We were late on our company account to sing up for Beta and we really need this feature :slight_smile:

Greetings amazing makers!

File Uploads and Attachments are now available for all people who use Coda. Learn more here: Launched: File Uploads & Attachments


It’s your lucky day! We just launched the ability to bookmark any webpage into any Coda table!

It’s a first step towards web clipping. We’re excited to continue exploring all the possibilities and would love to get your feedback here as well.

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thanks to you ! for this comment