Beta: Miro Pack

I wanted to visually depict table rows so I decided to tackle the Miro Pack.

There are 12 “sync” actions which will either create or update an item if given the item id. If an item id is not provided, it will create a new object. If it is provided, it will update that item. Instead of creating create and update actions for each item, “Sync” is used in its place. There are also dedicated actions to update an items parent and position. You’ll also find actions to manage boards, members, tags, and connectors.

I’ve provided sync tables for Boards, Connectors, Items, Members, Tags, and Webhook Subscriptions.

Using formulas you can convert several miro ids into rich objects: Board, Connector, Item, Member, Members, Tag, Tags, Webhook Subscription

If you are constructing an App Card, you can use the Item Field in the additional options field to construct an array of preview fields.

Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 10.27.07 AM

No Miro Enterprise features are supported at this time.

Example Execution: A bar chart made from synced shapes forms this Emoji Vote board:

Example Docs:
Company Org Chart Card: Board · Company Org Chart with Miro
Emoji Voting: Vote · Emoji Vote with the Miro Pack for Coda