[Beta] Personal Table Filter Controls

Hey folks,

Excited to announce we are recruiting participants for our User-level vs. Universal filtering for tables. This will be adding to the granularity of your controls similarly to the recent update to Canvas Controls. Give teammates the ability to filter column values just for their instance. If you’re interested, please sign up via this form and we will contact you to let you know when it will be activated. We’ll also be recontacting beta participants for their feedback.


Count me in pls - many thanks

My first findings are that these new filters can be vary valuable and they combine nicely with universal filters.

Depending on the type of table and column they are not persé for everyone, because you have to understand some of the options that are presented to the user.

I think that we could already build these filters by hand, but this is a big time saver and seems to work very well. The option canvas- or interactive filter and some fine tuning afterwards will cover many scenarios.


It’s for English speakers only. I’m kind of disappointed.
The only thing I like is that you can now disable the table search.

Hey Ben,
Count me in.
Have you seen my current issues surround filters not working properly (and they used to!)

but happy to look into your new controls - I look forward to the day when I don’t have to use user helper tables.

EDIT : After thinking about your beta feature, this might just be exactly what is needed to enable one to design a doc (finally) without user helper tables (ie, one row per user).

I am so keen to try this out - as I’m just starting to undertake the massive task of completely rebuilding our business management platform. This could potentially take a tonne of complexity out of the system. We will see.

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