Display filter bar value

This may be a “probably just missing it” issue, but is there a way to display the current values of the filter bar? I have a table of content that includes columns for date and publication. If a user filters on date and publication, is there a way to display the values selected? I’d rather not include the columns in a filtered view because it takes up a lot of screen real estate.

(I’m using the filter bar because multiple team members may be viewing the table at the same time. I’m under the belief that the filter bar changes the view on a per user basis only, but filtering with canvas controls would change the table view for all users. Is that the case? If I am mistaken, then canvas controls would solve my problem…)

Thanks for any guidance from the community.

Hi Jack,

You absolutely CAN set up the canvas selection control to be user-dependent:

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Thank you, as always @Piet_Strydom

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