Date Filters: Filter Bar versus Canvas Control

I am comparing and contrasting the filter bar and personal canvas control for filtering a table based on Date and Time a row is created.

The trouble I am running into is that I want the Filter Bar functionality which has an option for “After selected date and time” in a personal canvas control that has the flexibility to move anywhere I want in my coda doc.

Filter Bar (Functionality I want):
Screenshot by Dropbox Capture

Personal Control (Flexibility I want):
Screenshot by Dropbox Capture

Can I make a personal canvas control have the functionality of the filter bar?

Could you explain more - I do not understand what the one gives you that the other one doesn’t>

The filter bar gives me the option to filter “After exact date and time” which the canvas control does not

You can put a control on your canvas (type /date and choose Date & time), make sure it is a personal control (default). Adjust your table filter to something like this: thisRow.datum>=Control_DateTime
You can add a switch on the canvas to enable or disable this control.

If you share a (dummy) doc with your table, me or someone else can show you in your doc how this is done.


Got it! It doesn’t have the After: user interface from my first screenshot but the functionality is perfect

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