Beta Testers Requested: Mixpanel Pack under construction 🚧

Hi community :raised_hand:

A Mixpanel Pack is one of the first Packs I added to my list to develop. First because I use the product and was looking to create my own dashboard in Coda, and second because I believe with the power of Coda and other Packs it opens up amazing use cases not possible right now natively in Mixpanel.

I am looking for beta testers to try it out what has been done up until now, test it, provide feedback and help shape the Pack :handshake:

What you can currently do:

  • Your today top events with amount and percent change against yesterday.
  • List of your saved cohorts with the number of users on each one.
  • List of all user profiles and their properties.
  • Your insights reports as Coda tables!
  • Your funnel reports as Coda tables!

A quick preview:

Cheers :beers:


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